Simple Software Solutions
A Pittsburgh based software company
providing  simple software solutions for a complex world
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Industrial Applications 
Custom software for complex Industrial applications
Mainly .Net based applications to provide data collection, analysis and reporting for many industries. Applications developed Include software for databases, web servers, mobile devices, vision systems and multi-user systems. End Users include Metal's industries, Transportation, Govermental agencys And restaraunts/ bars.
SCADA / HMI Applications 
Use of HMI packages to provide control, monitoring and data analysis for industrial systems
Use of 'off-the-shelf' HMI packages including Citect, Wonderware, Cimplicity, Intellution, CROMOS & RSView. Industries include Metals, Mining, Transportation, Chemical, Plastics, Water, Electric and Manufacturing.
Office Applications
Simplification of manual intensive tasks 
.Net applications to simplify manual tasks for payroll, billing, and reporting. Industries include Health, Retail and Goverment agencys.
Driver Development
Creating easy to use interfaces between Software and Devices
Design, Develop and test drivers for HMIs using either custom Driver Develpment Kits or OPC. Drivers developed for TCPIP protocols, Relective Memory, Serial and internal Windows applications.
What is Simple Software ? 
Simple Software is not about writing simple software. It is  a company based on the idea that Software should always make life simpler for the user.

 Simple Software Solutions bring  extensive experience in software design and development to ensure all applications meet or exceed the customers requirements and simplify their lives.

Simple Software has been retired as of 2016. John Battersby is currently working for Applied Control Engineerig (http://www.
Central Steel (CCP)
USX Steel
Allegheny Ludlum
Herr Voss
EC Management

Database Programming, PLC Programming  SCADA, Communication Drivers, SCADA Systems, OPC Server, Recipe and Quality Control Systems, Embedded Programming, Vision Systems, Mesh Wireless Interfacing, Training, Consulting 
Oxford Mining
Joy Mining
Remote Monitoring, Data Entry and EPA Reporting,
SCADA, Communcation Driver, PLC Programming, Web Interface  

Bombardier Transportation Systems
Pratt and Whitney

SCADA, Embedded Real-time Control, iRMX / VxWorks RATO & Central Systems, Train Control Program, Communication Drivers, Video Control, WPF Graphical Signs, OPC Server, Training
Rohrich Chevrolet & Cadillac
Brass Rail, Pleasant Hills
Pleasant Bar, Pleasant Hills
Liberty Saloon, Pittsburgh

Payroll ID System, Payroll Program, Club Entry System 

Neville Island Chemicals
Linear Transfer 
Process Combustion 
Advanced Bulk 
Penn Anderson 
ICT Associates 
Poly Hi-Solidur 
BF Goodrich
Leybold Vacuum 
Lloyd Control  

SCADA, Communication Drivers, Custom software, OPC Server, Lonworks

Medical - UPMC

Military  - Lockheed Martin

 SCADA Manufacturers - Citect, CTC,  Transmitton

Distributors - Proud Company, Blackburn Controls, Twin Cities Industrial Control, Automatric
Vision System - Applied Machine Vision
 Food Industry - FMC

 Home  - Spouse

SCADA, Communication Drivers, Database Programming & Training, Custom Vision System,  OPC Servers, Pet Monitoring System  
USX Tower
KP Facility Management
On Demand

SCADA, Communication Drivers,Remote Monitoring Dial Up System, Web Interface, Database Programming   
Duquesne Light
Eaton Nuclear 
Advance Control
Elmhurst Water Authority
Glenview Water Authority 
Milwaukee Water Authority 
Pittsburgh Water
Neville Island Chemicals

SCADA, Communication Driver, OPC Server, Custom Software
Keeping It Simple Software
About Us
Simple Software and it's History

Simple Software Solutions, Inc. is a group of real-time software engineers based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. We provide system design, programming, integration, test and maintenance services for a wide variety of PC and embedded applications. Our experience in the US and abroad helps us provide our customers with the solutions they require by either selecting products to satisfy their specific need or working with the products they have already chosen. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing cost effective simple software solutions!
Simple Software Solutions was founded by John Battersby in 1993 to meet a need in a specialized SCADA market. John began Simple Software Solutions as a part-time business but quickly grew to require full-time attention. Since then, Simple Software Solutions has expanded and now also partners with local contractors to meet all of our customer needs.

Owner  : John Battersby  
 Address: 5685 Kings School Rd, Bethel Park, PA 15102 
Phone: (412) 965-5294 
Extensive experience in the areas of Automation Control, SCADA and General Software development. Strong software design experience in communication interfaces, database development, graphical interfaces, real time operating systems, and real-time control applications.  
Experiences include: Complete customized applications for many requirements including real-time control, system monitoring, database interfaces, video and security systems. Graphical Interfaces including HMI Packages (Citect, Cimplicity, Wonderware, Intellution, RSView, NI, etc.) & .Net. Developing specialist Communication Drivers & OPC Servers. PLC Programming (AB, GE, Modicon, Sixnet, Automax & others.) SQL Database programming and Report building Web Design including Formal Software Design Techniques PDA/Windows Mobile Programming Marketing, Sales & Training  
Programming skills include: .Net Programming, C++, C# & VB.Net ASP.Net/Ajax C/C++ Visual Basic PLM Script Languages 
Operating system environment experience include: Microsoft Windows (All flavors) Wind River Systems real-time kernel (VxWorks). iRMX MS-DOS, Unix & Linux (limited) 
Simple Software Solutions, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA. January 1997 – Present 
Position: Software Consultant 
Design and develop custom applications used in many industries to monitor and control plant processes, and analyze data. From HMI software, Custom Applications (VB.Net , C#,C++), Database Reporting packages and Communication Drivers (TCP/IP, Serial, Reflective Memory+), to PLC programming (AB,GE, Modicon, Sixnet etc.). Developed solutions using Client/Server and OPC Server designs for small to large systems (Largest being Nuclear Power Plant Monitoring System accessing approx. 600,000 I/O points) – mainly in Metals industry.  
Develop custom software for real-time control, data analysis & monitoring from concept phase through design and development phases to implementation in many industries. 
Interface SCADA systems to databases and/or tools to provide plant data throughout the complete Enterprise 
Web based Human Interfaces.  
Industrial experiences include: Metals, Chemicals, Mining, Transportation, Water, Electrical, Building Management, Plastics, Medical, and more. 
Developed Communication drivers and OPC Servers on Windows platform for various applications. 
Customers Include: ALCOA, Pratt & Whitney, UPMC, Lockheed Martin, USX Steel, Wheeling–Pitt Severstal Steel, Bombardier, Eaton, Joy Mining, FMC, Allegheny Ludlum, IAS, Sapa, Neville Chemical, Verizon & Duquesne Light. Developed PDA & Scanner applications for Restaurants and Industrial Applications. 
Developing Security and Video systems for Restaurants, bars and clubs.  
ADtranz, Inc (Now Bombardier). Pittsburgh, PA. 1992 – December 1996 
Position: Senior Software Engineer 
Design and develop systems for vital (fail-safe) control of communication based automatic mass transit vehicles. 
Estimate software development schedules and manpower requirements. 
Design and develop operator workstations for data acquisition, system monitoring and manual override of automated mass transit systems using Real-Time Operating Systems. 
On-site startup of transit systems in USA and abroad.  
Transmitton Inc., Pittsburgh, PA. & Ashby-De-La-Zouch, England, 1987 - 1992 
Position: Software Engineer 
Development of all aspects of SCADA Control System (CROMOS) for US Market, developed on Intel’s iRMX platform. Required Design, Development and Installation of Control Systems.  
Support and Training of above system. 
Looking for a stimulating job in area of industrial software development. 
Enjoys travel – including overseas. 
Lived in USA since 1990, became American citizen March 2008 but have dual nationality (i.e. EU - British Passport).  
Enjoys all aspects of a project development, from sales, design, through implementation to installation, training and support. 
BSc in Mathematics with Engineering with Honors, University of Nottingham, UK

Mail Address : 5685 Kings School Rd, Bethel Park,PA 15102
eMail :
Phone : +1-412-965-5294
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